Our Story

``Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.``

I’d been interested in motorcycles for decades, but didn’t make time to learn until 2016. And then I discovered racing and fell in love, spending most of 2019 completing my provisional novice requirements with the CMRA.

I believe it’s the perfect sport.

A balance of physical and mental challenge, an incredible community spirit, and ideal for taking a time-out from our stressful lives.

I’ve also realized how much there is to learn and explore.

I created this project to help document each lesson and step in the journey.

We want to:

  • highlight the best gear for women racers,
  • share technical tips and tricks,
  • and interview women racers to celebrate their stories.

My goal is to see you at the track.

I’d love for you to try it out too. Or at least come experience racing at the track. If you’ve never been, I promise it’s different than anything you’d expect.

Prov Nov Complete

Last month, I completed the requirements for my Provisional Novice racing license with CMRA. It was my main goal for the year, and it felt amazing to achieve it. But my racing journey is just beginnin...