10 Weeks to Opening Weekend

With opening weekend quickly counting down, I wanted to capture my goals for this offseason. There’s lots to do!

Increase fitness level with weekly workouts:
– 3 x T3 (mobility & HIIT at Pinnacle Performance and Fitness)
– 2 x Upper Body Strength Training (Thanks AJ Jacobsen for the plan!)
– 2-3 x Spin Classes or Peloton
– 2 x Swimming
– Daily mobility work

Practice technical skills:
– Goal of 5-6 trackdays before Feb 14
– Review video of myself and experienced racers
– Bonus: trackday at NOLA, if possible

Bike Prep:
– Install Motion Pro, Inc.​ throttle
– Full check-up by Rey’s Pit Stop
– Reconnect all safety wire (+ 1 needed)
– Decide on tires, warmers, etc.
– Develop pre-race checklist (tires, fluids, etc)

Gear Prep:
– Break in new Alpinestars Missile Suit & Tech Air vest
– Setup RV with Pitbull system and tools/gear
– Decide if F250 is needed for safe towing

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